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Freedom Scuba Corp. is owned and operated by an Active duty Army member with over 19 years of service and multiple combat tours. We also have a NAUI Course Director on staff, the highest-level certification any scuba diving leader can receive. So, you will have the confidence that you are receiving the best training that is offered. Freedom Scuba is also able to offer you classes from basic all the way through Instructor trainer (one of two companies in the DC area that can offer you these course). Our team specializes in helping you become a confident and competent diver while helping you work the course around your busy schedule. My team specializes in helping military members use scuba diving as a therapy to help with internal and external injuries. Freedom scuba is one of only fifty NAUI professional educator locations worldwide approved as a NAUI approved Veteran Affairs (VA) testing center. This partnership with NAUI allows military members to use their G.I. Bill® to pay for Freedom Scuba’s certifications and licensing, further benefiting veterans for their years of service. To learn more please:

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